Strategic Partners


Act as a research center for developing 5G use cases and IoT use cases as Proof of Concept (PoC) before deployment in the commercial network.

Supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)/Start-ups companies moving towards next generation network evolution by incubating their ideas and concepts into reality.

Support local academia and provides education programs for Junior and senior high-school students through deliveries related to the Digital Lab Program.


To develop and improve various capabilities in the telecommunications and information systems sector and to achieve a qualitative leap in one of the most critical technical fields.


Keeping pace with the transformation towards a knowledge-based economy in cooperation with all strategic partners.

The Center Programs

The Program focuses on building a broad base of basic technological skills for the Omani youth ages 11 and above. Containing various initiatives and modules. In addition to providing open educational resources targeting the development of digital skills in Oman.

This program is one of the most prominent training programs adopted by the center and aims to instill a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and its importance in vital development in various areas of life. in addition to educating young people and helping them succeed by improving ideas and developing them into tangible use cases and business ideas of added value to the individual and society.

The Center will be equipped with the state-of-the-art technology provided by Ericsson and Omantel covering 5G network and 4G/IoT network. The latest technology will be available to train and qualify employees affiliated to the center and support R&D. In addition, it will act as a research center for students developing 5G and IoT use cases as (PoC) before deployment in the commercial network

Bring awareness of upcoming new technologies and their impact to business, society, and industries. Through conducting various training programs, workshops, bootcamps, mentoring sessions, and technical training courses. Delivered in collaboration with Ericsson in the area of mobile RAN, Core and IoT technologies.